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“We are a bankruptcy law firm committed to helping our clients achieve a financial and emotional fresh start by eliminating and restructuring debts into an affordable monthly payment.

We utilize both Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to provide you the most financial benefit and asset protection. We stop harassing phone calls, collection letters, lawsuits, repossessions and foreclosures. We may even be able to significantly reduce the amount of debt you owe on your property that you want to keep such as your primary residence, mobile home or vehicle.

So, bankruptcy is obviously what we do and we do it better than anyone. But our motivation is helping good people through tough times by leading the way to your fresh start.”

 – Ryan E. Loyacano, Esq.


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As the name suggests, Bankruptcy is all we do every day, all day. We have assisted over 2,000 individuals and businesses successfully file for bankruptcy relief and protection.


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We truly strive to work with our clients to find the most affordable path to bankruptcy protection including a no up-front attorney fee Chapter 13 for certain wage earners.


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Debt is an inescapable reality of life as most of us use it to maintain our family, lifestyle and business. But when unforeseen events happen, like an illness, divorce or reduction in income, the financial stress of paying those debts can be overwhelming, if not impossible and unbearable.  Fortunately, Congress enacted the U.S. Bankruptcy Code many years ago providing a path to financial relief.  Hence, it’s not a crime to file bankruptcy; rather, it’s a set of federal laws designed to assist you in a time of need.  Many famous, smart & influential people throughout time, including the present, have utilized bankruptcy laws for relief.

Unfortunately, many people reject the idea of bankruptcy due to an irrational stigma and complete misunderstanding of the facts.  Ironically, these same people end up losing property and money which could have easily been saved had they filed for bankruptcy protection.  Below is a list of the more common myths and realities about bankruptcy.



Bankruptcy ruins your credit forever.




Bankruptcy discharges your debts which substantially improves your debt/income ratio.  This provides a credit baseline to immediately start the process of rebuilding your credit “score”.  It is very common for our clients to obtain car loans and credit card offers within weeks of their discharge order.  Moreover, FNMA’s own underwriting guidelines are as short as two years from discharge for a conventional mortgage.

You will lose all your possessions.




The reality is quite the opposite.  Due to federal and state exemptions, most bankruptcy filings are considered “no-asset” cases where the debtors get to discharge all of their unsecured debts and keep ALL of their assets.  Florida’s exemptions are very favorable including unlimited homestead. Proper planning and consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is crucial for asset protection.

You have to include all your debts.




When you file bankruptcy, you may choose to keep certain debts (secured debts) such as your house and car.  In fact, if you “reaffirm” those debts with the creditor and the court, it can substantially help you rebuild your credit moving forward as you will have a routine installment payment being reported to the bureaus and you will stay in good standing with that particular creditor.

I don’t qualify for bankruptcy.




Due to the misinformation online and incorrect “means test” calculators found on these websites; many people think they don’t qualify when in fact they do.  Only an experienced bankruptcy attorney in both your state and court district will know all the applicable rules, exceptions and deductions to use.

Furthermore, even if you don’t qualify for a Chapter 7, most people, including inexperienced lawyers, simply don’t understand the many advantages of a Chapter 13.  Most people automatically assume that it means 100% payback to all their creditors.  Not true.  Many of our clients who qualify for a Chapter 7 still elect to proceed under Chapter 13 due to the additional benefits offered and explained by us!

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